Recognise and UNDERSTAND

Professional working time management aims to find the optimum balance between workforce requirements and the actual staff available. That can only happen successfully with the proper information.

  • [TIS] allows you to gain a better understanding of the deviations between as-is requirements and as-is deployment and to look for causes. If there are deviations, [TIS] helps to find the causes: Does the deviation come from the forecast? Do the shift times and staffing levels not match or is the planned personnel deployment totally different from reality?
  • In order to find approaches for better planning, deviation examples and the regularity of their occurrence need to be spotted (e.g. Friday afternoon from 14:00 – requirements and planning are wildly divergent).

Analyse and CHANGE

[TIS] helps to make rotas better so that forecasting and calculation of workforce requirements can likewise be taken on by [TIS]. A major strength of this software in contrast to standard programmes is that it is tailored to your requirements.

  • For example, you want to check whether another forecasting method would have delivered better results. No problem. Simply define the new method – and just like that, you can already draw the comparison and, if you like it, change to the new one.
  • You are unsure whether certain demand peaks occur regularly or whether only a few particularly dramatic single events are distorting the picture. With [TIS] you have a quick answer to these questions.

In many areas, adjustments are directly possible. Bigger changes and expansions are also easy to carry out. All this can be done quite simply thanks to the unique structure of timeintelligence®solutions.

(Dynamically connected) Data sets of any size connect together to form powerful Data Trees.


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