With [TIS] you can easily and flexibly build your own solutions using data nodes. Data nodes comprise an arbitrary number of data sets structured just like in a table.
One of the typical problems when working with spread sheet programmes is the difficulty to retrace calculations once they have been carried out, to change them or correct mistakes. [TIS] does not work with cells, but with the entire database. It is thus possible at any time to go into an operation to modify individual settings, select different columns or parameters and add comments.

Another special feature is deactivating. In Microsoft© Excel it can be difficult to retrace the results of intermediate steps of some calculation operations such as time conversion, summation or generating graphics. In [TIS] this is easy: The operations can be hidden and small symbols show the data in their original state. Individual operations can then be reactivated, new ones can be added, their order can be changed and the calculations can be adjusted, corrected and retraced – all this with a revolutionary degree of transparency.

[TIS] is flexibly extendable – in many respects. Take the example of copying. A first evaluation which shall be slightly modified and repeated can easily be copied as a whole. Then the protection can be deactivated and the modifications carried out.

Through the transparent administration of operators and the integrated documentation functionality [TIS] is user-friendly and flexibly extendable in an entirely new way.

As a universal tool for timereferenced data planning, [TIS] offers support for a variety of databases and delivers appropriate reports for different target groups.


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