[TIS] is innovative – and this is not just hot air. One of its numerous, unique essentials is the separation of programme logic and the programme itself. This may sound very conceptual, but it is of great significance. With [TIS] you can build your own programmes just like with building blocks – these programmes can be used and adapted for different applications. And this adaptability is one of the strongest features of [TIS].

If one client wants to have a graphic in a certain format and another client wants to have it in a different format, this is a huge problem for conventional software. Not so for [TIS], because this node can simply be copied. The user can adapt the properties not just for graphics, but for the entire calculation process. No matter whether your specific wishes concern settings or evaluations – there is no need to programme anything anew, everything is already available in the user interface and will of course be carried over into each new release. No need for tedious adaptations from one version to the next. Anyone who administers large applications knows how much work this implies.

[TIS] is adoptable. One of the oldest and most successful integrations is the one developed by the company interflex, which uses [TIS] as a platform for a forecasting tool for SPExpert for Call Centres. Many calculations are adapted for a specific company – and these are mirrored in corresponding processes. Both from the technical side and the cooperation side, these implementations are easily realisable.

[TIS] is especially innovative regarding the service-oriented architecture of the library, its adaptability, its integrability and its integrated reporting system.

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