With [TIS] you can develop tailor-made solutions and operations, which act on the entire data node and thus combine the robust administration of a database and the flexibility of a spread sheet.

[TIS] is internet-based – a matter of course, because most of the planning and analysis tasks carried out with the help of [tis] involve the cooperation of many persons and the exchange of data. Furthermore, large applications must be available to several dozen users at the same time. But [tis] is internet-based also in a second, very innovative way: It does not only provide an application but also offers a solution for administrating user rights.

In [TIS], solutions can be viewed on a second level where users and roles can be defined and assigned. The user administration predetermines numerous standard roles. You can determine in detail whether a user shall be able to read, write or delete working time data and whether the raw data shall be editable or not. Likewise, you can define at the operations level what shall be allowed and forbidden for certain user groups. That way, it is possible not only to administer and update common data records via the Internet but also to determine who shall be able to edit and evaluate these data records. But there is yet another feature which exceeds even the openness of this user rights administration: Partners in research, other companies and power-users can now develop solutions on the basis of existing operations, they can define and programme operations themselves.

Thus, [TIS] is internet-based and open on two levels: Openness of the solutions – flexibly adaptable, flexibly reproducible, flexibly exchangeable – and openness of their components.

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